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VIDEO – Mechanogod

After 10 years of hiatus, UltraMayhem is making a comeback and this is our second music video from our EP – Decennium. As a band, we are not afraid of being political and we often have long lasting debates in our messenger channel. But one thing we sure have in common – is a passion for science! No wonder we are sci-fi nerds and making this music video was a tick for the bucket list. Every footage that was not recorded in Tender Care Lab was under Creative Commons license made by passionate people who wanted to make world a better place. Huge thanks to all, you are the greatest!

Produced by Sami Auranen
Recorded at Tender Care Lab 2017

  • Tepez – Vocal Artist
  • Johnny – Electric Guitar
  • Moshard – Bass Artist
  • Toby – Electric Guitar
  • Turtle – Drum Musician
  • Sami A. – Synth, Piano & Backing Voc.


UltraMayhem haluaa osallistua loppunäytökseen Kymmenen vuotta unilla ollut riihimäkeläinen UltraMayhem on julkaissut digitaalisesti uuden EP:n ”Decennium”. Juhlistaakseen bändin paluuta 15 vuotta sitten sävelletystä ”Rule the Rooster” –biisistä on uuden version myötä...

Decennium EP

Current state of the world calls for the return of UltraMayhem.

After a decade of silence UltraMayhem releases a new EP, Decennium.
Five tracks about the hopeless state of civilization, individuals and their future.

Band History

Our story started 2002. Me – Johnny, Miq and Pullman started the band after dismembering our previous band RGB. We needed to hire as talented singer as we could find in town and Miq knew just the right guy, Tepez for the job. I still don’t know who asked Ron Autero jo join, but he just notified to me that he is now in the band. He was at the time the most innovative keyboard player I had ever heard of, but he was also  a very “demanding” persona. I could easily say, he taught me how to play my own instrument. I was very lucky to have him in the band!

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