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Early days..

I (Johnny) have known Miq and Pullman since we were kids. We all lived in different towns, but we all had bands and we knew who was who. I had dreamt that some day I play with Miq who was known for his incredible style and speed. He was the loudest drummer in a 200km radius and every drummer secretly admired his playing. As did I.

Pullman was always considered an odd kid, but he could play bass really really well, so he was cool. It’s no surprise that they had played in a band together before. Me and Pullman were hired by a really cool company and so became co-workers. In 2000 me, Pullman and Miq finally got to play together in a band called RGB with couple of other fine dudes. We had some gigs and all, but the band eventually disbanded a couple years later.

Ex-member Miq in the photo

UltraMayhem Since 2002

Me, Pullman and Miq had a really similar taste in music, so we wanted to try something completely new. Since none of us were able to sing, we needed a vocalist to join our new adventure. We wanted to give it a good try this time, and we knew we were not gonna make it if we didn’t have a talented singer. Miq was really social and had an outspoken persona, so he knew everybody worth knowing in and out of town. He called Tepez, because he was the best singer he knew. To our surprise, he accepted the invitation.

Ex-member Pullman in the photo with Tepez 

Rehearsals three times a week - 2004

We didn’t know Ron Autero and he didn’t know us, but one day he just carried all of his synths and stuff to our rehearsals and informed that he is now in the band … if we were good enough. That was a bit weird since he had to commute quite a long distance. But after I heard his playing, I was starting to hope that this weird dude decides that we are worthy and apparently we were. Good times!

Ron Autero and Miq were the only members who had proper musical education, the rest of us were just mere music lovers and hobbyists. We still had our strengths, but I got to realize that you could be educated later on in the so called “hard way” as well. Ron did love the riffs that me and Miq were able to produce, but I did notice the disgust he had on my unprofessional abilities as a player and I knew I had to step up my game quite a bit to earn his respect. Eventually I think I did, but it was not easy and I’m really happy to have had Ron as our musical backbone that made us play better and above all else, to compose better music!

Ron Autero in the photo teaching us how to play..

Excuses to Start a War

We made our first EP in my garage and it was produced by Ron Autero. It was amazing how good it still sounds today. And it’s no wonder today Ron works as a professional audio engineer in his own high end studio.

Our EP got rave reviews, mostly 5/5 stars! We had a leftover song called Rule the Rooster that we for some reason didn’t put on the EP. We corrected that mistake in 2017 and recorded this track for the Decennium EP – again in my garage!

Pullman leaves the band

Pullman studied and graduated MBA and became a big boss in a big company, so his time in the band had come to an end. We needed a new bass player and again, with Miq’s unbelieveable connections we got a new band member, Kill Hill. Kill was an experienced guitar player, but he wanted to give bass a try. He was a really nice dude, so we were pretty excited to have someone like him play in our band.

Ex-member Kill Hill in the photo 

Jeremiad - 2007

It was finally time for us to make our debut album! In a years time we recorded the album in Lahti with an awesome producer: Aksu Hanttu, one of the best metal producers in Finland. At the time, Hideaway Studios was a modern studio with both SSL and Neve consoles at our disposal. It was an exceptionally well built production facility with both vintage and the latest and greatest equipment. We were rookies, but with the knowledge of Aksu and the studio owner Tomi Kuusisto, we managed to make a great album!

We never released the album digitally. If you are interested buying one, we got some CD’s still on stock. 

Music video that we never got to fruition

In the making of Jeremiad, I realized that it’s time for a second guitar player. I didn’t know ayone better than Kill, so we decided that we again need a bass player.

We had a gig with an another band and I noticed one gigantic long haired thug that had unparalleled energy and stage charisma. At first I thought that he would make a perfect actor for our music video, which was a gross miscalculation, since the video mostly consisted of Moshard throwing his hair and we all looked like tiny mice in a trap. Second to that, we shot the video in a film school and the footage was complete shit and totally unusable. It was our spinal tap moment for sure. There was to be a silver lining in the end, since I got Moshard to join our band!

Moshard in one frame of the video that was supposed to look something like that, but due some technical difficulties with filming we abandoned the original idea. In panic mode I was able to grab some pieces here and there and made the video at the beginning of this page.

2004 - 2016

At that point, our band was rock solid with awesome players and with great energy. Our gigs were really solid performances with a lot of energy and every player knew exactly what they were doing. There were unfortunately couple of hiccups that were melting our motivation that eventually escalated to a situation where it came time to part ways. After considering it we decided put the band on hold for an indefinite period.


2017 and beyond!

After a decade of hibernation we woke the beast with my brother Toby being a second guitar player and Turtle as our new man with the pans. Moshard on bass and Tepez on vocals. Also Pullman has been featuring on the song Rule the Rooster and Ron has been featuring in a song called Exiled. Good times again!

The story continues!



UltraMayhem haluaa osallistua loppunäytökseen Kymmenen vuotta unilla ollut riihimäkeläinen UltraMayhem on julkaissut digitaalisesti uuden EP:n ”Decennium”. Juhlistaakseen bändin paluuta 15 vuotta sitten sävelletystä ”Rule the Rooster” –biisistä on uuden version myötä...

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